CycleVIN Motorcycle History Report

The owners of 2016 Husqvarna FC 250 motocross motorcycles are in line to receive a letter from the manufacturer, informing them about the company’s most recent recall.

Some of these quarter-liter four-stroke machines have been assembled with a crankshaft that may have been incorrectly manufactured, official Husqvarna sources report. The recall is not aimed at the entire lot of bikes sold, but to specific frame numbers. No further details as to how many motorcycles may have been affected by the defect were provided.

Husqvarna adds that the recall is the result of market investigations carried out by the factory, and it appears that deviations occurred in the manufacturing process of the connecting rods installed in these motorcycles.

Under certain load conditions that have not been revealed at the time of writing, these con rods may experience early failure. They might break and destroy the engine to a much larger extent, so Husqvarna is advising the 2016 FC 250 customers to immediately contact an authorized dealer even before they receive the letters.

The dealers already have the VIN list with the affected bikes and will determine which bikes have to undergo repairs. Customers can also verify whether their motorcycle falls under the recall by visiting the Service & Safety Check area and entering the VIN and the delivery certificate number.

In the affected motorcycles, Husqvarna will replace the complete crankshaft assembly at no cost to the customers. However, the manufacturer stresses out that the entire operation must be carried out by an authorized Husqvarna dealer.

The KTM-owned manufacturer does not provide any information as to any accidents, damages, or injuries that may have occurred because of the defect. The recall papers do not mention any world area, so we can suspect that defective 2016 Husqvarna FC 250 motorcycles may have been sold in any of the markets where the manufacturer is present.

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