Suspect Uses Fake Identification to Buy 4 Motorcycles
Police say two identity theft suspects are in jail after they used an Aurora woman’s credit to buy four motorcycles, a Corvette and thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at Home Depot, Sears and Best Buy.
“It was outrageous,” said victim Kris Atkin. “They were able to purchase a brand new Corvette.”
Surveillance video from September shows a man and a woman in a motorcycle shop in September. Police say the couple used Atkin’s credit to buy four motorcycles at two stores, one of which was in Greenwood Village.
“I was shocked at how much she was able to purchase,” Atkin said.
The pair had a fake ID with Atkin’s information on it, but a different person’s picture.
Atkin says she learned about the ID theft when the couple attempted to finance another Corvette.
The finance company denied the credit request and sent a letter to Atkin.
“I have gone through mad being upset, being shocked, being flabbergasted,” Atkin said. “How was she able to walk out the door with all of this stuff when I wouldn’t dream of doing any of this?”
Atkin took two days off work and got her credit straightened out. She had to file police reports and sign affidavits.
Atkin believes the crooks obtained her Social Security number from her employee file at a hotel where she previously worked. She says one of the employees at a store where the crook obtained the loan said the crook had mentioned that she worked at the same hotel.
Atkin was not out any money but feels everyone will pay somehow.
“She’s stealing from all of us because stores have to account of this money somewhere,” Atkin said.
A Greenwood Village Police Commander said investigators are looking into the ID theft case and may do photo lineups to prove the case. Police asked Denver7 not to publish the photos of the suspects.
The two people arrested are being held on unrelated charges, police say.

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