Carlin Dunne Dies After Highside at Pikes Peak

Carlin Dunne Crashes his Ducati Streetfighter V4 Panigale at Pikes Peak

An investigation by the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb’s race director and race safety team found that Carlin Dunne died Sunday after he “highsided coming into the last turn before the finish line,” race officials said Tuesday. Dunne’s 2019 Ducati Streetfighter V4 Prototype was inspected, and there’s no evidence of a mechanical failure, a news release says. “After reviewing footage from the incident,” investigators determined that Dunne had highsided, which…

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Jay Leno Test Rides the New Motus V4

Leno on the New Motus V4

Alabama-made Motus Motorcycles received some national attention Monday when former Tonight Show host and gearhead Jay Leno gives the company and its premium bikes some attention on Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube. Leno will take a Motus bike for a ride and review it and its proprietary V4 engines. Motus is an American motorcycle manufacturer based in Birmingham. Motus founders Lee Conn and Brian Case were invited Leno’s Big Dog Garage…

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