Police Seize Two Motorcycles from Biker

Police Seize Two Motorcycles from Drug Dealer

Police Seize Two Motorcycles from a Middletown biker and convicted felon this week after investigators searched his home and determined he bought the vehicles with illegal drug money, police said. Police said they began investigating Shawn J. Gonzales, 37, in March for allegedly selling drugs in Middletown, Meriden, Hartford and other areas. A report on his arraignment stated that Gonzalez is a longtime member of the Dog Pound Rydaz motorcycle club,…

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Denver Police Plan to Seize Hundreds of Bikes

Denver Police Seize Motorcycles

Hundreds of motorcycles involved in blocking traffic on I-25 near University Boulevard last Sunday could be seized by police. Denver Police issued a Crime Stoppers Alert in hopes of tracking down the hundreds of bikers who participated in the ‘Kill da Streetz’ ride. On Monday, police seemed to downplay concerns about the ride. “We had I think three calls about the stoppage on the highway,” said DPD spokesperson Sonny Jackson. But…

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Ten Motorcycles Seized in Hawaii

Motorcycle History Check

State conservation officers impounded 10 motorcycles and issued 46 citations to 10 people for alleged illegal dirt biking in Kula Forest Reserve on the slopes of Haleakala on Sunday. The dirt bikers allegedly accessed the forest reserve by trespassing through private property. The nine adults and one juvenile who were cited face multiple charges including prohibited motorized vehicle operation in a non-designated area; prohibited operation of non-four-wheel-drive vehicle; and several…

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