Denver Police Seize & Destroy Motorcycle

Denver Police Use Public Nuisance Abatement Law to seize & destroy motorcycles

According to a report in the Denver Post, a 2007 Honda CBR seized by police through the civil public nuisance abatement process was destroyed today. On July 24, the rider had participated in a rally on Interstate 25, in which hundreds of motorcyclists “created a serious safety hazard by completely blocking the flow of traffic,” according to a news release from the police. The rider, who was not identified, “faces…

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Denver Police Plan to Seize Hundreds of Bikes

Denver Police Seize Motorcycles

Hundreds of motorcycles involved in blocking traffic on I-25 near University Boulevard last Sunday could be seized by police. Denver Police issued a Crime Stoppers Alert in hopes of tracking down the hundreds of bikers who participated in the ‘Kill da Streetz’ ride. On Monday, police seemed to downplay concerns about the ride. “We had I think three calls about the stoppage on the highway,” said DPD spokesperson Sonny Jackson. But…

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