BMW & KTM to Use New Bosch Technology

KTM & BMW to utilize new Bosch Technology on 2017 Motorcycles

Both BMW and KTM will utilize Bosch instrumentation for 2017. Since the features will require more use of the screen, Bosch also updated the manufacturing process for the TFT. Previously, the LCD and the glass of the screen were separate pieces. Now, the LCD is bonded directly to the glass. This has two benefits. First, it improves usability by reducing reflections. Second, the life of the unit is increased. Previously,…

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Skully Helmets Goes Out of Business

Skully Helmets Going of of Business

Hopes for Skully Helmets, whose augmented reality motorcycle headgear attracted 3,000 pre-orders, may have crashed. Differences between the San Francisco startup’s founding brothers, who were ousted earlier this month, and its investors came to an impasse over the weekend, a source with knowledge of the situation told me. As a result, its 50 full-time employees were reportedly terminated Monday without any severance, vendors may not get paid and the specter…

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