NC Police to Offer Free Motorcycle Classes

Winston Salem Police to offer Free Motorcycle Training Classes

A North Carolina Police Department is offering free motorcycle riding and skills training classes to interested residents this summer. It was only Brian Ashley’s second time riding his motorcycle, and he zoomed down Polo Road tailed by a police officer. But as he pulled off to the side of the road, flanked by an officer, it wasn’t for a ticket but for some friendly advice. Kernersville resident Ashley was one…

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High Speed Motorcycle Training


Learning to handle a powerful street bike through “trial by fire” isn’t appealing to Jason Herheim. Yet it’s the way many people gain their motorcycle riding skills once they hit the road. Often, basic and even advanced rider courses are taught in parking lots, where speeds that the riders will experience on the street — and especially on the highway — are simply not possible, said Herheim, a motorcycle safety…

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