Utah Considers Bill to Allow Lane Splitting

Utah Considering Bill Allowing Lane Splitting for Bikes

Utah motorists need to “start seeing motorcycles,” as the bumper sticker urges, because they soon may be traveling between lanes. The state Legislature is considering a bill that would allow motorcyclists to travel between lanes of traffic on Utah roads in certain situations. HB410 would permit lane splitting — passing a vehicle moving the same direction in the same lane — when motorcyclists determine they can safely make the move…

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California Officially Legalizes Lane Splitting

California Lane Splitting Legalized

California is now the first state to formally legalize lane splitting for motorcyclists. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Friday to allow motorcyclists to move around stopped or slow moving traffic, under certain conditions. Under the legislation authored by Assembly member Bill Quirk, (D – Hayward), California Highway Patrol will create guidelines on lane splitting, in collaboration with other agencies and organizations involved with road safety and motorcyclist behavior. In…

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