Denver Police Seize & Destroy Motorcycle

Denver Police Use Public Nuisance Abatement Law to seize & destroy motorcycles

According to a report in the Denver Post, a 2007 Honda CBR seized by police through the civil public nuisance abatement process was destroyed today. On July 24, the rider had participated in a rally on Interstate 25, in which hundreds of motorcyclists “created a serious safety hazard by completely blocking the flow of traffic,” according to a news release from the police. The rider, who was not identified, “faces…

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Motorcycle Theft Increases in Wabash Valley

Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycles are the focus of vehicle thefts ongoing in the Wabash Valley. Sgt. Michael Ellerman, property crimes supervisor of the Terre Haute Police Department, issued an alert Friday stating that detectives have seen “specific increases” in the theft of Harley Davidson motorcycles, as well as sport motorcycles such as Kawasaki Ninjas and Honda CBR. Surrounding counties are reporting similar thefts. Ellerman reports common factors in the thefts. They are occurring…

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