Polaris Indian Motorcycle Engines Donation to WITC

New Richmond’s Power Sports program recently received two brand new Indian Scout motorcycle engines to use as teaching tools from Polaris in Osceola. According to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Instructor Dave Brown, the engines offer an excellent opportunity to show others what they’ll learn in his program. It also aids in classroom demonstrations and discussions.

“I plan to partially disassemble one of the engines allowing learners to see the internal parts and how they work. These engines, along with other equipment, will be great for class use here at WITC, as well as demonstrating them to area high schools in their mechanics classes,” said Dave Brown, program instructor. “That way they can see exactly what it is they’ll learn in the program.”

“The engines were left over from our cold test setup,” says Eric Christensen, Polaris, who was key in seeing that WITC received the Indian engines. “They were used to do correlation between the cold test and hot Dyno testing, so they only have about one hour of run time on them.”

Brown says, “The students are excited to get to the mechanics of these engines. We’re grateful to Polaris for donating these motorcycle engines, as we plan to use them for a lot of hands-on learning.”

Outdoor Power Products Technician (Power Sports for short) is a one academic year, financial aid-eligible program, available only at the New Richmond WITC campus. The technical diploma prepares students to pursue careers as a motorcycle, marine and outdoor power products technician, small engine business owner, industrial equipment technician, parts person and many other related pursuits. They learn to troubleshoot and repair all types of engines, from ATVs to motorcycles to outboard motors.

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