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Motorcycle History Reports

Every Motorcycle buyer's nightmare is buying a bike that has been wrecked, stolen, or is unsafe to ride. Prevent buying a Used Motorcycle that has issues you are unaware of by purchasing a CycleVIN Motorcycle History Report BEFORE you buy your new bike. Here is what the CycleVIN report offers you:

Theft Theft

Bikes are lightweight and easily stolen, sometimes it is as simple as lifting the bike into the back of the pickup truck. The CycleVIN database is tied into the state and federal DMV offices to provide up-to-date information on motorcycle thefts.

Accident Accident

Motorcycle accidents are more common than car accidents, and they can affect the performance and safety of the motorcycle you buy. The VIN check provided by CycleVIN will allow you to see e if thbike has had any major accidents that were reported to insurance companies or other repair entities.

Salvage Salvage

A salvage title is the last thing you want to discover when purchasing a used bike, and can indicate many serious flaws. Make sure to run the VIN check on each and every bike you intend to purchase to find out if the bike has had serious damage.

Title Title

The title on your new bike may have a number of different "title brands" which can indicate serious problems with the mechanical, cosmetic, or theft history of the bike. Make sure to look closely at the Title Brand section of your CycleVIN history report to determine if it is safe to purchase.


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CycleVIN is the leading provider of Motorcycle History Reports, utilizing a state-of-the-art database that pulls from a variety of sources to get you the best and most up to date information for your motorcycle purchase or sale.

Known in the motorcycle industry as the “Motorcycle VIN Check”, CycleVIN provides consumers with access to our proprietary database of up to date records on motorcycle accidents, thefts, salvage titles, stolen titles, and recalls across all states. No matter where you live or where your bike is located, our detailed VIN check will give you the confidence to purchase your next motorbike.

Check your motorcycle history with our VIN check database that pulls from insurance companies, salvage yards, auctions, dealers, maintenance shops, and state and federal government agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and National Motor Vehicle Associations.

We are the premier provider of Motorcycle History Reports to the public, specializing in the motorcycle industry and focusing exclusively on finding each and every record concerning motorcycle accidents, stolen bikes, wrecks, and other damage to motorcycles that would be valuable information when you go to purchase your next bike. We strive to keep our VIN Check database as up to date as possible, with data feeds coming in from our numerous sources and partners.

CycleVIN provides motorcycle history reports comparable to the service offered by CARFAX, except that CycleVIN deals exclusively with motorcycles. During testing of the CARFAX offering, we have found that they can offer reports for only 3 out of every 10 VIN numbers that were attempted. While CARFAX does provide an excellent service for cars and other vehicles, CycleVIN is the leading provider of motorcycle history reports. We have reports for 9 out of 10 motorcycle VIN numbers in the USA. Compare the CycleVIN report at $25 to the CARFAX report at $34.99 and save!

Act now to receive your low cost, accurate, and informative CycleVIN report. Choose our service over CARFAX when you are buying or selling a used motorcycle, unlike CARFAX we focus exclusively on the motorcycle industry. Search your motorcycle VIN now and find out if we have accident, theft, salvage, or other DMV records in our database.