About CycleVIN Motorcycle VIN check

CycleVIN was formed to address a serious need in the motorcycle industry for reputable and up to date sources of VIN information on sport, touring, and leisure motorcycles. Until now, there has been no credible source of information on motorcycle accidents, thefts, or recalls that is searchable by the motorbike VIN number.

Using the standard 17 digit VIN found on any motorcycle manufactured and sold in the USA, CycleVIN provides a reliable and economical way to research the history of the bike you are wanting to buy or sell.

The automotive world has Carfax, and numerous other smaller providers for VIN checks that can accurately inform consumers about accidents and other serious damage to a car or truck. However, until now there has been no similar entity focused on motorcycles exclusively, and we at CycleVIN have a goal to make that a reality of the past.

Our stated goal is to become the “Motorcycle VIN Check” and to be known as a reputable, reliable source of VIN check information in our industry. To do so, we have partnered with a wide range of information and data sources to collect the VIN information on almost every bike sold in the USA.

Our partners range from salvage yards, insurance companies, DMV’s at each state, federal motor vehicle associations, government databases, and even repair shops. These entities report their data weekly or monthly so that you can be assured you have the most current and accurate information on the motorcycle you wish to buy or sell. We strive to make sure each VIN check contains real and timely data to protect you from title washing, re-branding, and the sale of stolen motorcycles. That is all too common in the bike industry and part of our goal at CycleVIN is to stop the illegitimate sale of motorcycles that have been damaged without disclosure.